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Lotus Central is an informative website about vehicles that was first introduced on the internet about twenty years ago. My name is Greysen Oconnell, and I’m the founder of Lotus Central. My intention when I created Lotus Central about a year ago is to promote the content about cars and vehicles around the many fans that shared my passion.

Our path began more than twenty years ago, when I was first introduced to the world of internet and knew the potential that has when it comes to share information, and me being a fan of the world of racing cars and the many vehicles that comes to the market every day I decided to create a space where I could share my knowledge of car and other related themes and services.

With this journey first began I noticed that my articles about the news of the world and industry of cars and the many subjects that has to do with these themes started to grow, since a lot of new readers became interested in my website and how does it work, as well to share with me the latest news and their opinions about my content, since they find it amusing and interesting.

With this, I decided to accept more members to this website that could collaborate with me and create their own content, where they could talk and discuss their favorite articles or news about cars and vehicles, even bikes being added to the many subjects that we talk here in Lotus Central.

So I decided to start a community where I could hold all these interested members, and with our passions being the same, that is, of course, the fascination that we have for cars. Lotus Central became something bigger to anyone related to. It wasn’t just a blog now, but a club where we could share our content and talk about the best news and our own projects related to cars and other motor vehicles.

But Lotus Central keeps delivering content like always since is still a website about cars. And while we have now a community and a club that is larger every day, our mission to share our knowledge about car is not going to stop in a short period of time, and with our compromise being always on top. We will keep talking about what we love and sharing our content because that’s our mission with Lotus Central.