Lotus Silverstone is Now Relocating! More Racing Cars to Check Out!

Lotus Silverstone is Now Relocating! More Racing Cars to Check Out!

Lotus Silverstone is one of the most recognized concessionaries in the world located in the United Kingdom, where you can find a variety of sports and racing cars for any tournament such as Formula 1 or Formula E. Undoubtedly, a paradise.

This new dealership, all modernized and updated, is much bigger, and where you will find a much wider exhibition of cars.

Triple the Space; Triple the Cars to Look At

Recently the concessionaire’s manager, Matthew Haskins, came out to give statements about the new place and that we could find there; highlighting first that space triples the previous place, and like that they can provide a better service and broader perspective to the customers of the available cars.

In addition, it’s a change that will provide positive things because customers will feel much more comfortable and pleased with the various Lotus models that exist, such as Elise, Exige or Evora.

Bigger Workshop and Service Department

And also, to have been able to place a much larger workshop for the car services department to occupy, and so there is also greater comfort for the workers.

This concessionaire is a dream place for many, where you can find so many spectacular sports cars, and especially to run races. In addition to having a wide variety of prices to see what is at your disposal.

So if you’re close to the place and you’re interested in these models of cars and want to buy it or just to see what they have, you can do it with all the freedom of the world that the workers of the place will give you the due attention.

Real Life Storytime – 3 Years of Elise Trophy

Real Life Storytime – 3 Years of Elise Trophy

The Elise Trophy was a competition created by Lotus and MotorSport Vision Racing, which began in 2007, and during 2013 received the classification and official championship status of the season.

But anyone has their personal experiences and they will know what they have personally experienced and felt with some event or competition in particular. A storytime told by a former driver of the Elise Trophy, Philip Stratton-Lake:

Very high levels

This competition, although it isn’t highly relevant worldwide, is a competition that has a very high level, and particularly Philip Stratton-Lake didn’t have a great time not feeling as good at the wheel as many of them that even he will be in positions much higher than him.

racing - Real Life Storytime - 3 Years of Elise Trophy

Even in some moments, he describes that he felt “humiliated” because the level was so high that he didn’t feel enough. That’s why he confesses that it was an experience with different feelings since that also made him grow as a pilot and work a lot more to be at the same or higher technical level than them.

His particular seasons

Phillip started competing in 2010, in the race that took place at Castle Combe. It was a tough season for him because he didn’t score well and he doesn’t have a good position, but he admits that he enjoyed the competition and losing didn’t affect him so much because it was his first year, especially when running with great drivers like Nigel Hannam and Ben Hyland.

But next year wasn’t what he expected, an improvement in his performance even though he didn’t have one of the most powerful cars of the competition that year, but it was a great car.

When competing in the Snetterton in 2011 didn’t get to classify for having been of 12º, feeling thus frustrated. But at the same time, he felt relieved because during this some cars collided and somehow he felt calm not to be one of those who were there.

And somehow life rewards him to be very close to victory in his next race at Silverstone, where he was on the podium of the top 3, which was a total achievement.

trophy - Real Life Storytime - 3 Years of Elise Trophy

The costs

But he emphasizes that without a doubt one of the strangest things is the cost that the pilot has to do to get to compete since they need a fast sports car that can measure up, as well as a good engine, tires and much more.

But it was an experience that Philip Stratton-Lake describes as unforgettable because he was able to excel as a person and as a professional.

Shocking the Market – Remembering the Lotus 2010’s Paris Motor Show Concept Release

Shocking the Market – Remembering the Lotus 2010’s Paris Motor Show Concept Release

As it was seen in 2010’s Paris Motor Show the main concept of motor developments is has been being revolutionized by engineers of Lotus Silverstone and because of this fact, the company realized that they needed a new Showroom.

Everyone Was Hyped

The epicenter of Lotus Motor Show was relocated by the company to a new and much bigger Showroom in which there were the most top-of-the-line car models, promises to the later formula 1 and formula events.

This incredible changing was made by the company during a really stressful and busy time, nothing more than when the British Formula 1 Grand Prix was taking place that year, in 2010.

On his own words, the manager of the whole company, Matthew Haskins, stated that Lotus Silverstone new house gives them almost three times the space of our previous premises and that it is pretty much more professional and efficient.

He also adds that this fact could help them with perception and first impressions that the customers and make them feel a lot more confident in their business approach and of the product they acquire.

red car - Shocking the Market - Remembering the Lotus 2010's Paris Motor Show Concept Release

Everyone Could Notice the Change

It is visible to the workers that space gives them a huge and comfortable ambiance to work in and is also nice for them because it let the company offer more workshops.

This probably is one of the reasons why Lotus Silverstone decided to do such great and amazing change and investment, for the company to increase enormously their advantages in every marketing aspect.

lotus red - Shocking the Market - Remembering the Lotus 2010's Paris Motor Show Concept Release

It All Grew From There

A better job placement for a worker, a more visible and comfortable store for a client and a useful testing place for buyers willing to precise the quality of Lotus Silverstone products.

Right back that year, 2010, this company took one of the best decision in its history and it has it visible the fact that success is something in which an entrepreneur must work a lot and so hard to fulfill such significant goal.

As a result and proof of its work, Lotus Silverstone has achieved the goal of providing a better service to their clients and investors who are still satisfied, nowadays, with the great growth that they’ve showed making this wonderful change, which has been the best part of this decision.

She’s Coming Down the Line – 8 Facts about the Lotus Evora

She’s Coming Down the Line – 8 Facts about the Lotus Evora

The Lotus Evora is a car that was launched since 2010 by the Lotus brand. The creation project before its first release was presented as 5 years before and officially was presented in 2007 for which launched the year 2010.


This brand comes from the United Kingdom from the Lotus automobile factory, created in 1952. Colin Chapman was the founder and CEO of the company for some years. In their beginnings they designed motorcycles, and soon they happened to the creation of automobiles.

First model

The first Lotus Evora model that was launched during 2010 have a V6 VVT-i 3.5-liter engine, with 280 hp maximum power at 6,400 rpm and 342 Nm, with a manual gearbox with 6 speeds and great power to accelerate.

lotus wheel - She's Coming Down the Line - 8 Facts about the Lotus Evora

Evora S

This was the second model manufactured by Lotus and launched in 2011. It was a much more powerful version than the previous one and the engine was 350 HP, with two side doors and space for 4 people and the driver.

Lotus Evora 400

This model was launched in 2015, and it was a sensation in the market is one of the best of the year for its speed, despite being competing that same year with the launch of a Maserati GranTurismo, a Mercedes-AMG GT and a Jaguar F -Type. Speed up to 300 km / h, a great engine and built-in internal intelligence.

Lotus Elise

It was another sports car that was also created by Lotus, without a doubt, one of its best creations for the quality of the vehicle.

It has a gasoline engine of 1,600 cubic centimeters with 136CV; that is, one of the fastest cars in the world, even accelerates 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds.

Lotus Exige

This car with striking colors you can also get it in the market, a sports car with two doors and only two available seats of the most powerful. It is one of the fastest and brings excellent descriptions and features that will convince you to have it.


Actually, the quality of Lotus Evora is indisputable, because it brings not only incredible descriptions when you prove it, as you realize that everything is true. It’s a car of nature GT and the best that Lotus has created, which has even come to fight hard in the market with major brands such as Porsche or Jaguar.

The Best

The Evora despite being a car that was created in 2010, each year the brand tries to innovate and launch cars every year that are exceeded in every way, but that are increasingly sporty and fast cars.

And without a doubt, one of the best things that this car has especially is the engine origin Toyota, 3.5 V6 VVT-i that in its latest models has a range of 400 HP of power.

No doubt a spectacular car not only for its elegant and modern design, but also for all the internal system it has and the great technology that’s adapted to it, as is a car that would be worth every penny.