Lotus Silverstone is Now Relocating! More Racing Cars to Check Out!

Lotus Silverstone is one of the most recognized concessionaries in the world located in the United Kingdom, where you can find a variety of sports and racing cars for any tournament such as Formula 1 or Formula E. Undoubtedly, a paradise.

This new dealership, all modernized and updated, is much bigger, and where you will find a much wider exhibition of cars.

Triple the Space; Triple the Cars to Look At

Recently the concessionaire’s manager, Matthew Haskins, came out to give statements about the new place and that we could find there; highlighting first that space triples the previous place, and like that they can provide a better service and broader perspective to the customers of the available cars.

In addition, it’s a change that will provide positive things because customers will feel much more comfortable and pleased with the various Lotus models that exist, such as Elise, Exige or Evora.

Bigger Workshop and Service Department

And also, to have been able to place a much larger workshop for the car services department to occupy, and so there is also greater comfort for the workers.

This concessionaire is a dream place for many, where you can find so many spectacular sports cars, and especially to run races. In addition to having a wide variety of prices to see what is at your disposal.

So if you’re close to the place and you’re interested in these models of cars and want to buy it or just to see what they have, you can do it with all the freedom of the world that the workers of the place will give you the due attention.

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