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Lotus Central has grown when it was first introduced about twenty years ago. Since our origins where merely a website that holds information about cars and the industry of racing cars, we started to develop an interest to form a community of people like us, that share the same passion as we do and we could work and share our content with them.

With this, we form a community of car lovers that were always interested on gathering and make events about racing cars and events of this magnitude, since our love for cars join us and make us follow the same paths. For that, we decided one day that we should include a new addition to Lotus Central.

With that being said, we started a workshop and a number of services that we serve to the many members of Lotus Central since our community is big enough to be recognized for us. We always try to maintain our services exclusively for these members.

For that, if you are interested in becoming a member of Lotus Central and be part of this great community, you can do so by contacting us with our contact information that is provided in this website, we will contact you as soon as we can and will give you an interview to see if you qualify to be a member Lotus Central.

Now in the number of services that we provide, our special service is:

Car Painting

We give the best work in car painting and details. We work with the demanding of our customers and we always satisfied any request or designs that you have on mind. We have no limitations when it comes to types of cars and models since we are professional enough to keep our hands busy and work with any challenge possible.

We are always thrilled to make the best work available, and our customizations are considered as one of the best in our field. Since we are committed to providing the best services to our community and leave the name of Lotus Central as the professional website and community that is.