Shocking the Market – Remembering the Lotus 2010’s Paris Motor Show Concept Release

As it was seen in 2010’s Paris Motor Show the main concept of motor developments is has been being revolutionized by engineers of Lotus Silverstone and because of this fact, the company realized that they needed a new Showroom.

Everyone Was Hyped

The epicenter of Lotus Motor Show was relocated by the company to a new and much bigger Showroom in which there were the most top-of-the-line car models, promises to the later formula 1 and formula events.

This incredible changing was made by the company during a really stressful and busy time, nothing more than when the British Formula 1 Grand Prix was taking place that year, in 2010.

On his own words, the manager of the whole company, Matthew Haskins, stated that Lotus Silverstone new house gives them almost three times the space of our previous premises and that it is pretty much more professional and efficient.

He also adds that this fact could help them with perception and first impressions that the customers and make them feel a lot more confident in their business approach and of the product they acquire.

red car - Shocking the Market - Remembering the Lotus 2010's Paris Motor Show Concept Release

Everyone Could Notice the Change

It is visible to the workers that space gives them a huge and comfortable ambiance to work in and is also nice for them because it let the company offer more workshops.

This probably is one of the reasons why Lotus Silverstone decided to do such great and amazing change and investment, for the company to increase enormously their advantages in every marketing aspect.

lotus red - Shocking the Market - Remembering the Lotus 2010's Paris Motor Show Concept Release

It All Grew From There

A better job placement for a worker, a more visible and comfortable store for a client and a useful testing place for buyers willing to precise the quality of Lotus Silverstone products.

Right back that year, 2010, this company took one of the best decision in its history and it has it visible the fact that success is something in which an entrepreneur must work a lot and so hard to fulfill such significant goal.

As a result and proof of its work, Lotus Silverstone has achieved the goal of providing a better service to their clients and investors who are still satisfied, nowadays, with the great growth that they’ve showed making this wonderful change, which has been the best part of this decision.

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